Week 1: Philippians Chapter 1

Day One Verses 1-6

  • Why is it important to know who wrote this letter (vs. 1)?
  • What do Paul’s words in verses 3-5 show us about his love for the people of Philippi and his own personal spiritual habits/disciplines?
  • What is Paul sure of in verse 6? What does this mean for us?

Day TWO Verses 7-11

  • Paul says he has the Philippians “in his heart” (vs. 7-8). Who is in, or should be in your heart?
  • What three things does Paul pray for in vs. 9? What do each of these mean to you?
  • From vs. 10-11, what does God want us to look like when it’s all said and done?

Day THREE Verses 12-18

  • How does Paul view hardships (vs. 12-14)? What are the results of these hardships?
  • Is it possible to speak the truth, yet possess the wrong heart or motivation (vs. 15-17)?
  • How can we avoid being people who proclaim Christ with the wrong hearts?

Day FOUR Verses 19- 26

  • Paul resolves himself to rejoice (vs. 18-20). Can we do the same? How?
  • What is Paul’s perspective on life and death (vs. 21-22)?
  • To Paul, death is not the ultimate ending (vs. 21-26). How would our actions, worries, and pursuits change if we had this same perspective?

Day FIVE Verses 27-28

  • According to Paul, who is responsible for your personal “manner of life”? (vs. 27)?
  • What does Paul want to hear about the Philippians (vs. 27)?
  • We are not supposed to be afraid (vs. 28). What things fight you with fear? How can you face these fears?

Day SIX Verses 29-30

  • What are the two things we been granted in vs. 29?
  • How do you feel about the “suffering” part (vs. 29)?
  • How could suffering possibly be something positive that we share with Jesus (vs. 29-30)? How is our earthly reality skewed from this spiritual reality?

Day SEVEN Rest/Review/Catch-up

After the first week, continue the book of Philippians here.